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10 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing Your LOR

Recommendation Letters carry a very high importance whether you are applying for a graduate school or a part-time or a full-time job. Avoid these mistakes and make your LORs perfect because they are going to play a big role in future.


Wrong Recommender

1. Choosing The Wrong Recommender may give you a problem
2. So choose a recommender who is capable of presenting you in the convincing manner


Less Time To The Recommender

1. Not Giving Enough Time To The Recommender
2. Allocate a month’s time for your recommenders to write a compelling LOR


Not Validating Your Candidature

1. Not Validating Your Candidature With Examples
2. When recommender praises the applicant in LOR, it must be followed by an example


Areas Of Improvement

1. Missing Out On Your Areas Of Improvement
2. Try to include at least one weakness of yours in the LOR


Using A Cold Dry Tone

1. Using A Cold Dry Tone While Writing The LOR
2. The recommender should maintain a level of warmth while preparing LOR


Information To The Recommender

1. Not Providing Enough Information To The Recommender
2. Send your CV, certificates or any other proof to help them evaluate your profile


Recommender's Contact Details

1. Not Including Recommender’s Full Contact Details
2. LOR should have phone number and email of the recommender


Excessive Praising

1. Excessive Praising Of The Applicant
2. Avoid unnecessary flattery and exaggeration


A Similar Tone Of Narration

1. All The LORs Following A Similar Tone Of Narration
2. It should be apparent that LORs come from different people



1. Not Maintaining The Authenticity
2. LOR should be on the letterhead, inside a sealed envelope

Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.

– William Faulkner

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