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The Most Popular Fields of Study in Poland for International Students

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Poland, over the decades, has become a favourite overseas study destination among international students. The country offers a unique opportunity of obtaining a global quality education at affordable costs. More than 400 universities in Poland have produced numerous distinguished alumni, including the first woman Nobel Prize winner, Marie Curie. Vibrant culture, diverse community, low cost of living, friendly and hospitable people, industrial opportunities, safety, travel opportunities, etc., are other reasons international students opt to study in Poland.

Polish universities offer a wide variety of courses and degree programs. Over 5000 programs and courses are available in Poland. There are specific fields of study that are very popular in Poland. According to Statista, Computer Science, Psychology, Management, Medical studies, Law, Economics, English Philosophy, Finance and Accounting, etc., were the most chosen disciplines of study in Poland in 2021. These fields received the maximum number of applications for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs by international applicants.

Best Fields to Study in Poland

Let us review Poland’s most popular fields of study and why they are gaining popularity among international students.

Computer Science

Study Computer Science in Poland

Computer Science is a dynamic field of study that has become increasingly prevalent due to its massive impact on the day-to-day lives of today’s world. Computers are imperative to store, retrieve and process vital data for personal and professional use. Computer Science and Information Technology play an integral role in designing and developing communication devices, software programs, network systems and a wide range of applications. Industry, Healthcare, Banking, Public sectors, Insurance, Telecom, Defence, and every other industry are dependent on Computer Science and Engineering to run their organisations.

Computer Science is the most chosen field to study in Poland. Polish universities are well-known for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science, and other related courses. The program curriculum covers Mathematics, Fundamental and Advanced Principles of Computer Science, Data Science, Programming Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Systems and Networks, Database Management, Software Engineering, Web Applications, Software Development, Algorithms, Theory of Computation, etc.

Best Polish Universities for Programs in Computer Science and Related Fields


Mental Health Matters - Study Psychology in Poland

Psychology is a scientific discipline that studies the mind and its behavioural patterns, including emotions, feelings, thought processes, beliefs, personality traits, expectations, etc. The study also deals with an in-depth analysis of the factors that influence the behaviour, such as social triggers, environmental factors, physical health, biological causes, life experiences, substance abuse, family background, etc. Psychology is a broad and diverse study with various subfields that find its application in all aspects of daily life. Psychology aims to improve mental health and uplift the human spirit by treating the elements that cause psychological/mental illnesses.

Psychology comes next in the most opted fields of study in Poland. Top universities in Poland offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Psychology with specialisation options. International students can specialise in Clinical Psychology, Sports Psychology, Psychocriminology, Behavioural Psychology, Management Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Intercultural Social Psychology, Child Psychology, Media Psychology, or Health & Life-Style Coaching Psychology, etc.

Best Polish Universities for Psychology Degree Programs

Business & Management Studies

Brainstorming Session: Business Strategy & Planning

Business and Management studies are designed to equip the students with skills and techniques of business operations and management. Business management includes different factors such as business strategy and planning, sales, marketing, finance, technology, equipment and infrastructure, human resources, operations, etc. Management studies cover all these areas that facilitate running a successful business of any scale. Business and Management professionals find employment in private and public sectors in diverse roles based on their domain and experience.

Business Administration and Management is one of Poland’s popular fields to study. Many Polish universities offer top-class business degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can choose from a variety of specialisations, i.e., Finance, Accounting, Economics, Technology Management, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Consulting, Strategic Management, Internal Business Management, Startups and Small Businesses, Industrial Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Best Polish Universities for Management Degrees

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Medical Professionals: Study Clinical Medicine in Poland

The study of Medicine deals with diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention and palliation of injuries and ailments. Like any other life on the planet, human life is vulnerable to diseases and disorders. The field of Medicine plays an indispensable role in preventing, treating, and managing illnesses. Medical professionals are always in high demand in every corner of the world, as healthcare is a fundamental right of human beings. Medical fields offer diverse career opportunities, high-paying jobs, safety, financial security, and a high level of job satisfaction.

Medical schools in Poland are ranked high for outstanding education and practical training. It is highly challenging and competitive to get into Polish medical schools. Typically, it takes six years to complete a Bachelor’s degree with an internship and an additional 3 to 6 years to complete a postgraduate degree based on the speciality. The universities offer specialisations in General Medicine, General Surgery, Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, Pulmonary diseases, Internal diseases, Dermatology, Occupational healthcare, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, and other specialities.

Best Polish Universities to Study Clinical Medicine

Check out this Wikipedia link for a complete list of medical schools in Poland.

Law Studies

Lady Justice: Study Law in Poland

The study of law aims at imparting in-depth knowledge of legal and justice systems as defined by the constitution to address legal problems, resolve disputes and maintain law and order in society. Lawyers equipped with law degrees in specialised areas help people (clients) by representing them in courts and resolving legal issues related to property, criminal matters, corporate laws, civil laws, constitutional laws, labour laws, family laws, etc.

Poland is home to numerous globally-recognised law schools. To become a lawyer or a jurist in Poland, students need to obtain a Magister’s Degree in Law with an apprenticeship or five years of professional legal experience and a mandatory bar exam. Another option to become a jurist is acquiring a Doctorate, three years of legal professional experience, and a bar exam. Lawyers who meet these prerequisites can work in the capacities of a legal advisor, judge, public attorney, advocate, bailiff, notary or patent attorney in law enforcement agencies, public administration, corporate sectors or set up a private practice.

Best Law Schools in Poland

Refer to this Wikipedia link for a comprehensive list of law schools in Poland.


The Polish education system is a culmination of excellent quality education, specialised focus, accessibility and affordability. The universities in Poland are consistently ranked among the top 10 global destinations for higher studies. According to the survey done by Statista, fields like Computer Science and Engineering, Psychology, Management, Law and Medicine are the top five popular disciplines of study in Poland. The universities drew the maximum number of international applications for courses in these domains in 2021. Other popular fields of study in Poland are Economics, Finance and Accounting, English, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biotechnology, Logistics, Administration, Management and Production Engineering, Media studies, etc.

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