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8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your personal brochure. It gives you an opportunity to feature all the aspects that make you the perfect choice for a university. it is a very important document in your application. In this guide, we will assume that you are going to prepare your Curriculum Vitae from the scratch. Even if you already have a decent CV, we recommend you to follow this guide and update it and also tailor it to the needs of your target universities.


Check Course Requirements

1. Do some homework and determine what kind of candidate that your target university is looking for
2. You can go look at things like course details, research groups, Professor profiles etc.


Include A Professional Photograph

1. Putting your photo in the CV is a quite common practice in Europe and a style that is well accepted. But it is left to your discretion
2. A good professional photograph is certainly worth the investment


Include All Necessary Personal Details

1. Update your personal details
2. Include/exclude some sections and sub-sections to suit your academic and job profile
3. Make sure the contact details are spelled correctly


Maintain The Chronology

1. Mention the most recent event first
2. Typically a left margin is maintained to indicate the timeline for each event


Use European CV Format

1. Change the format to suit the European CV style
2. You can download the template or create your CV on the Europass website


Limit The CV Length

1. In general, your CV should be confined to two (A4) pages
2. So choose only the work experience and projects details relevant to your target course


Use Uniform Text And Appearance

1. Do not use flashy colors, borders or font
2. CV should be clutter-free and easy to read


Use Professional Help

1. Consider CV Review service at msinpoland.com

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to get things done and those who don’t want to make mistakes.

– John Maxwell

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