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8 Easy Steps To Improve Your Letter Of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a certification of your academic qualifications as assessed by your teacher. It can also be an assessment of your professional skills when it is given by your manager or immediate supervisor in your company. Letter of recommendation, just like the SOP, should tell the story about you. It should be unique and exclusive. Regardless of what you may read on the internet or the lack of consideration given by universities in India, LORs are highly valued in Poland. So make sure you get this one right.


Check The Course Website

1. Check your university course requirements to see if they have asked your LOR to be in any specific format.

2. Note down the limit for LOR length e.g. 200 words, 1 page etc.

3. Sometimes a LOR template needs to be filled by your recommender


Choose The Right Recommenders

1. Check how many LORs are requested. Also, note down who should be the recommender e.g. your Professor, Project manager

2. Pick the recommenders based on the type of your target universities

3. Be polite but do ask for a ‘positive’ letter of recommendation.


Assist Your Recommender

1. Take an appointment with your recommender and ask if they need any additional information in writing the recommendation letter

2. You can also explain them things like why are you interested in applying for a particular course, to a particular university etc.


Draft LORs Yourself (if necessary)

1. Think from your recommender’s perspective. Let the draft be in the appreciative tone but do not exceed the boundary on any occasion

2. Each paragraph in LOR should serve a specific purpose


Each LOR Should Have A Contrasting Tone

1. If you have to prepare multiple drafts for different recommenders, make sure that you entirely change the content with minimal overlap

2. Include some statistics e.g. Peter was one among top 10 students of his class​

3. This is an important piece of information for admission committee


Embellish the Truth in Any Way You Like, But Don’t Write False Statements

1. Lastly, remember that you can embellish the truth in any way you like, but don’t write false/untrue statements

2. This is disrespectful to your recommender and by doing this, you might even offend them


Take Professional Guidance

1. Consider LOR Review Service at msinpoland.com

2. OR let your recommenders make the necessary corrections


Stamp & Seal The LORs

1. Once your recommender hands you the final LOR, make sure that it is stamped, signed and sealed

2. Thank them for the recommendation and ask them if it is okay to use their email address for online recommendations

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

– Winston Churchill

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