Accommodation Options for International Students Living in Poland

Accommodation Options for International Students Living in Poland

Once you have secured admission in your dream university in Poland, the next concern is accommodation. There are plenty of options available for accommodation in Poland. A multitude of factors needs to be considered like budget, locality, safety and proximity to the campus before finalising a place to live.

Most universities in Poland offer accommodations to students, and the price and quality may vary depending upon many factors. In general, you pay around USD 65-80 monthly for a shared room and around USD 110-170 for a single room. It is important to note that the standard of various student houses vary to quite an extent even in the same university, so you should do a comprehensive research before deciding on it. Nevertheless, the friendly and helpful atmosphere remains the same.

While some students stay in student dorms during their course of studies, a lot of students prefer to rent private apartments. So if you have not experienced this before, it might be a pleasant experience. Since most of the students share flats, it is easy to find a roommate to split the costs. It is the ultimate deal, you pay for the accommodation and get new friends for free!

Types and Costs of Accommodation

Accommodation costs varies from city to city. In Krakow, it costs around PLN 1300– 1750, while in Warsaw it is around PLN 1600 – 2100 per month. You get both furnished and unfurnished housing available in Poland, although unfurnished ones are generally preferred as they are relatively high in number and low in cost.

The rent of an apartment in Poland is primarily based on its location and standard. An apartment located in the city will always be more expensive than the one in the suburbs. The average prices for renting apartments in Poland are listed below:

Bydgoszcz 1227 - 2335 PLN
Gdansk 1882 - 3430 PLN
Krakow 1663 - 2834 PLN
Lodz 1157 - 2338 PLN
Poznan 1405 - 2550 PLN
Warsaw 2127 - 4495 PLN
Wroclaw 1731 - 2919 PLN

*Average prices calculated based on all ads from a given city

If you would rather be on your own, do not worry about having to share! It is possible to find an apartment for one, though with fair warning: the prices for one-room apartments are slightly higher. Regardless of whether you stay in a dorm or a rented apartment, your options for housing are many.


Hostels are largely preferred for short-term accommodation by the students who have just arrived in Poland and do not wish to stay in dormitories and want to look for accommodation on the spot. Hostels are the cheapest form of accommodation that can be found in almost every Polish city. The hostels offer 2,3,4 and 8 bedded rooms with bathrooms and a shared kitchen and lounge.

Shared Accommodation

Shared accommodation works best for those who have already made friends in Poland and would like to share an apartment. Before you move in, you usually have to pay one month’s rent as deposit in advance, and the prices vary from PLN 2700 to 4100 per room/month depending on the location and standard of the residence.

University Dormitories

These dormitories are located on campuses, so the students can save on commuting. This will also allow them to use the university’s facilities like the library and wireless internet at all times. Here, limited dorms are available and usually reserved for students who can’t afford private accommodation. Their prices start from 400 PLN/month approximately, going all the way up to 900 PLN per room/month depending on the location and standard of the living.

Private Dormitories

The demand for private dormitories is on the rise. The main advantage of this type of accommodation is that you can make a reservation for 6 months or even for one whole year. Before moving in, you will be required to deposit 2-6 month’s rent as advance.


Students who prefer to live alone in their flats have numerous options available in the major cities of Poland. They are ready to be viewed and booked on demand. For instance, in Warsaw, prices vary from 900 – 1200 PLN/month for a room; whereas for a two-bedroom apartment, it costs 1600 to 2000 PLN/month and a studio costs around 1300 to 1600 PLN/ month, and you have to deposit one month’s rent as advance.

Sites to Book Accommodation Online

You can get the best and the most cost-effective apartments from online websites such as Pepe housing and Easy renting. They offer a wide range of options and also give you the option of selecting the area in which you want to live. They are very flexible in their approach as you can decide on everything from cost to what type of room you want. It helps you pre-plan most of the things and make an estimate of the net cost of educating yourself .


You can choose different modes of transportation to college depending on the distance from your accommodation. There are plenty of options like buses, trams, trains, trolleybuses, and underground trains depending on the city. It is usually helpful to buy a long term ticket to use the public transport. Some cities have short-bike rental systems that enable you to take a bike from one place to another.

You can find a suitable accommodation in Poland with all the information listed here and enjoy your time in Poland!

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