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Application Timeline

Mainly for all Poland universities an academic year is divided into two semesters . The academic programs can start either in the summer or the winter semester. However, there are no specified date to begin either of the semesters.All the universities have designed their own timeline.

In general, for summer semester the application period will be from the start of November to January. For the winter semester, from the start of April to July.

Application Timeline

Application Timeline

Dead line from university is fixed so start from there and always work backwards to beginning of the process this gives the fair idea on where to star. Below table gives our recommended action plan for summer and winter intakes.

Winter 2018 Timeline (Approx.)

*Application periods vary across different universities. Check the deadlines for your target universities before starting the application procedure.

**You can not apply for education loan without an admit. Once you apply, it normally takes 15-20 days to get the loan sanctioned. If you have don’t have enough time, plan in advance and arrange some emergency money. Keep in mind that summer semester timeline is quite tight.


  • Important: Don’t panic if you aren’t keeping up with above timeline. It is possible to start very late or fall behind few steps in this process and still be through without any trouble (as long as you manage all the tasks).
  • As you can observe, the timeline for winter semester seems to be much more relaxed when compared to summer semester.
  • The best time to apply for a university is always as soon as the application period starts.
  • Starting early is the key. The sooner you get your first admit, the easier will the whole process be.
  • You can start your blocked account and the Visa process once you get your first admit. Do not wait for the admit from your ambitious university if you’re running out of time.


  • The actual dates and facts may vary for each individual depending on the course, university, personal situation etc. The above table only gives the most generalized idea about the application timeline.

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