The Best Cities to Study in Poland for International Students


Poland is one of the most favoured destinations when it comes to studying in Europe. The country hosts multiple great universities and some of the best faculties and resources around the world. In some fields, there are many famous alumni of the universities in Poland, even more than those of the Ivy Leagues combined. It is thus obvious why international students wish to study in Poland

Surprisingly though, despite its high academic achievements, Master’s in Poland isn’t a concept which has caught up with the international students yet. MS in US or MS in UK are still preferred more by the populace. However, we would like to add here that MS in Poland is equally good if not better and the kind of support and scholarships that the European federation offers in general should make this option really lucrative.

Best Cities to Study in Poland

Source : World Nomads

So, for those of you who are contemplating to study in Poland, here are a few things to note:

While plenty of information is available for the first two points, we thought that we would list out the best cities to pursue MS in Poland or just to study in Poland for whatever field or at whatever level. The list is decently exhaustive and the cities listed below are not necessarily as per any rank.

1. Warsaw


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Warsaw is literally the best city if one opts to study in Poland. Being the capital of the country, the city has some big MNCs working here too. Warsaw is especially famous for its amazing reconstruction which happened after the WW-II subsided. Needless to say, it has a lot of war memorials and points of historic importance. Plus, Warsaw is naturally ordained too and so if you choose Warsaw as the city to study in Poland, you will get to see multiple picturesque river banks to relax at.

Educational Capacity and Universities in Warsaw

Warsaw has over 60 higher educational institutes to choose from for those who want to study in Poland or pursue their MS in Poland. As a matter of fact, Warsaw is ranked as the 63rd best city in the world for international students. The most noted universities in Warsaw are:

Major Companies in Warsaw

Warsaw is the ninth most populous country in the EU and is literally the economic centre for the country. Some of the major firms operating out of Warsaw are:

The students hardly face any issues in finding a good job here because there are just so many firms to choose from. A surprising trivia about Warsaw would be that about 30% of its population is students alone.

2. Krakow


Source : earthtrekkers

Krakow is ranked as the second best city to study in Poland for international students. The second largest city of Poland, Krakow also happens to be the former Polish capital. The city is full of historical architectural icons from the World War 2 as well as religious artefacts.

Educational Capacity and Universities in Krakow

Krakow boasts of having over 40 higher educational institutes. Of these universities, two are public while the rest are private institutes. Poland’s top university, the Jagiellonian University is in Krakow only.

Major Companies in Krakow

Krakow also has its share of MNCs setting up their base there. Employment and post degree placement are thus never an issue for students who are studying in Krakow. Some of the major firms in the city are:

For an international student who has come to study in Poland, the city offers multiple economic options to stay, eat and have fun at!

3. Lodz


Source : Lonelyplanet

Lodz is located in the centre of Poland and is the country’s third largest city. Lodz is the textile hub of Poland and is often known as the “Polish Manchester.”

Educational Capacity and Universities in Lodz

Lodz University, which is obviously based out of Lodz is Poland’s fourth best public university. In addition to this, the city has multiple good private universities too.

Major Companies in Lodz

While there are multiple home based textile firms in Lodz, some of the topmost firms in the city include:

4. Wroclaw


Source : JayWay Travel

Wroclaw is located in the western part of Poland and is known to be one of the most hospitable cities for international students who come to study in Poland. Roughly 40% of the population of Wroclaw comprises of international students alone.

Educational Capacity and Universities in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is fast developing into a commercial as well as educational hub for Poland. The most prestigious institute of the city is the University of Wroclaw which is also the fifth best university in Poland. Wroclaw is also known as the “University City” of Poland given that many good universities have recently opened there.

Major Companies in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the Polish New York/Seattle one can say. Some of the biggest technology, as well as consulting giants are based out of Wroclaw. Some major names established in the city include:

5. Poznan


Source : The Guardian

Poznan is also located in Western Poland and is home to about 25 universities in total. Out of these, 8 are public universities, a big number to host in a single city by any measure. The Government funded or the public universities are usually the mainstay of international students who wish to study in Poland

Educational Capacity and Universities in Poznan

Some of the best universities in Poznan are :

Major Companies in Poznan

Given the high number of government universities and hence the crème de la crème of the students being available, Poznan has become the digital firms’ hub. Some of the major firms in the city are:


Poland is one of the best countries in the European Union to do your master’s from. We have enlisted the top universities and major firms in these cities for the benefit of aspiring students. We hope you find the city that best suits your interests and requirements to pursue your studies from.

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