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Comparison of Summer and Winter Intake in Poland

There are several factors which might come into play when deciding which intake is more favourable for your admission. In general winter intake is preferred for several reasons which are elaborated further in this article. But do take the final decision based on your personal preferences.


Summer and Winter Intakes

Before we do that comparison on Winter vs Summer, firstly we will know when it happens;

  • Winter semester starts in September/October and ends in February/March.
  • whereas the Summer semester starts in Feb and ends in July/August.


Why University take two intakes?

In terms of education and research facilities, universities there may not be significant differences between the two semesters. Universities from a long time adopted the practice of accepting students in two different intakes mainly for two reasons :

  • It is very difficult to accommodate many students in one semester. Many German universities receive thousands of application every year, so it is quite difficult to admit so many students at a time, that’s is why two intake semester process started.
  • There could be various reasons why students do not have the opportunity to apply for Winter season. Which is the reason why universities accept those students who couldn’t apply for Winter semester.


Which Semester Should You Apply For?

In terms of education and research facilities, universities there may not be significant differences between the two semesters. There are various aspects to consider lets us see what there are;


Check if the universities of your choice accept the applications for both the seasons. As some of the Poland university do not have admission in both seasons. So you should do some research on your target university/courses to find out which season intakes are available.

Acceptance Rate

Many students apply for the fall intake season because the class sizes are much larger than the spring intake. So, university accepted more application form in fall intake as compare to spring intake.

Job Opportunity

Campus recruitment usually occur during second year, which means you will have completed three semesters if are in the fall class, and two semesters for the spring class. More job chances in the spring semester.



Winter is a clear preference for Poland aspirants for many reasons discussed above. But you will also not be losing out on much if you apply for Summer. If your favourite course is available only during summer, don't think twice.

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

- John D. Rockefeller

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