Deadlines and Intakes in Poland for Master’s Programs: A Complete Guide

Deadlines and Intakes in Poland for Master’s Programs: A Complete Guide


A large country with a vibrant culture, rich history and the nature of welcoming people is what makes Poland a land of dreams. In addition to this, Poland, as a country offers top-class education at affordable tuition fees and a reasonable cost of living too. Poland has more than 400 institutions and a good reputation for higher education with some excellent European colleges situated there.

When it comes to intakes, there are two intakes in Poland, Winter intake and the Summer intake. The winter intake starts in September or October and ends in February or March, and the summer intake starts in February and ends in July or August.

Details about the Winter Intake in Poland

If you are planning for Winter, one of the intakes in Poland, here are the details.

Details about the Summer Intake in Poland

If you plan for the February intake here is the timeline.

Deadlines for Universities in the Master's Program in Poland

The winter intake ends in September or October, and for the summer intake, the window ends in February or March. Both intakes in Poland have varied deadlines.

Though these are the deadlines, they differ from university to university and course to course. Application deadlines for EU or EEA and non-EU/EEA students vary too. The deadlines for EU/EEA students ends in the mid of September latest, and the non-EU/EEA students have their deadline ends in mid-July to the middle of August latest. Make sure you research well and educate yourself about the deadlines for both the intakes in Poland.


Some important points while you consider which intake you should take are described in this section. Consider the universities that you shortlist according to your Master’s program, as some universities do not have admission for both the intakes. So do some research for the Master’s course you are planning to take and if the course is available in that particular intake.

The winter intake size is much larger than the summer intake because most of the MS/ Master’s course is available in the Fall intake. Universities of Poland accept more applications in the Winter intake for the international students.

Campus recruitment starts in the second year, and that means a student has three semesters that are already completed in the winter intake, which gives them an edge. For a student who has opted for summer intake, they would have completed two semesters only. Thus, job opportunities are higher for the fall intake. However, this does not mean that the other intake does not have as many.

Now, even though the winter intake is the preferred intake, still do not drop the idea of going for the summer intake if your Master’s course is available in the latter.

All in all, there are no significant differences which cannot be overcome for the two intakes in Poland. So, start preparing for whichever intake suits you well!

In this blog, we have enlisted the top reasons why you should choose Poland for your higher studies.

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