Getting Around Poland – Transportation Options for International Students

Getting Around Poland – Transportation Options for International Students

Poland is nearly 1.3 times larger than the United Kingdom. Thus, if you are a student who just landed in the country and are planning to stay there for a while, it is imperative to know the different transportation options available for getting around Poland.

Poland has a well connected network of public transport for getting around Poland. You can travel by train, bus, metro (available only in Warsaw) or tram. The good news is that you get a substantial discount if you are a student and it is quite easy to avail it. All you have to do is load your student card in the designated ticket machines and you can buy tickets valid for 30 or 90 days. This is more economical and convenient than buying tickets everyday.

Here, we discuss the various transportation options for international students studying in Poland.


Getting Around Poland

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Railways are the popular mode of transportation for getting around Poland. Following are the different trains that operate in the country:

ExpressInterCity Premium (EIP)

ExpressInterCity Premium (EIP) are high-speed trains that travel between major cities of the country such as Warsaw, Wrocław and more. Make sure you have a reservation for either 1st or 2nd class seats before you travel.

ExpressInterCity (EIC)

ExpressInterCity (EIC) are modern trains with high standard facilities that run between major cities like Warsaw–Kraków and Warsaw–Gdańsk. You will have to make reservations for this train too; however, EIC are cheaper than EIP.

InterCity (IC)

InterCity (IC) is similar to ExpressIntercity except they are slower than EIC as they have more stops than EIC. The fare for InterCity train (IC) are similar to TLK.


The Pociąg Twoje Linie Kolejowe a.k.a TLK is the set of express trains that run at speed similar to EIP but are much cheaper than them. As a result, these trains are comparatively more crowded than EIP. You will have to make a reservation before getting into the train though.


The InterRegio (Pociąg InterRegio-IR) are low-cost long-distance trains that is owned by 16 voivodeships. You do not need reservations to travel through InterRegio. Hence, if you are not short on time, the InterRegio may be a good option to get around in Poland.


Regio (Pociąg Regio) are government-owned slow trains that stop at all stations. These may be 2nd-class only and reservations are not required. Regio, just like the InterRegio covers the entire span of the country and is a good option for getting around Poland, especially for those on budget.

EuroCity (EC)

EuroCity (EC) are international express trains that connect major cities in Poland with other European cities. Hence, more than getting around in Poland, this express train is for cross-border travel.


Bus Services

PolskiBus - Bus Services in Poland

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Trams in Poland

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Cycling in Poland

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If you prefer to cycle rather than travel through vehicles, then there is no other place better than Poland. The roads are well maintained, and you can take your bike anywhere you want. You can even carry your bicycle on a train, maybe not on all of them but on most.

You will be able to find a repair centre almost anywhere and hire a bicycle everywhere.


Taxis in Poland

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Taxis are available in every Polish town but are more expensive than the other modes of transport. You can book a taxi by phone or simply flag them down on the road. You can also use apps like Taxify and Uber. A word of caution here! There are private companies that are not registered as taxis but still have taxi signs on the vehicles. They will not have a name or phone number flashing like the registered taxis. They are generally very expensive, so you need to be watchful while hailing a taxi.

Private Rentals

Hiring a car or motorbike daily to travel from your residence to your university is not the most practical option in terms of money; however, they are an excellent choice for occasional road trips with your friends.

Make sure you always follow the following rules in order to avoid any trouble with the law :


Polish Airlines

Source : Businessworld

Ryanair and LOT Polish Airlines are the two domestic carriers that operate flights connecting the major cities. Air travel is obviously a more expensive mode of getting around Poland.  Most airports are at a reasonable distance of around 10 and 20 km, from the city centres. However, like most European countries train network is more comprehensive in connecting the cities.


There are various travel options for students for getting around Poland, and knowing the available options makes it easier to choose the right one. With all the necessary details being mentioned, we hope this article helped.

That being said, if you are looking to do your Master’s in Poland, we can be of assistance to you. So, do get in touch!

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