Getting Started


Getting Started

Follow the below given steps. To hold your admission letter from good Poland University and to get Poland VISA.

STEP 1: Obtain Your Passport

First and the foremost step in visiting any foreign country is to get your passport. Without it nothing will happen.It is the highest dignified identity certificate.Your passport is like a window to Eden’s garden of possibilities.Click below to know the complete process of getting a normal Passport in India.

STEP 2: Apostille your educational docs

But first get all your educational documents from college such as degree certificate, all semester ,PUC and SSLC marks sheets. Apostille all these documents in order to make them legal in Poland.This is the crucial step in getting into Poland universities.

STEP 3: Transcript

Poland universities do ask for Your transcripts and You must have degree certificate for doing MS in Poland if you are sill in college you can do this milestone after completion of your degree. For employees who want to pursue MS in Poland , go back to you previous  university/college and get some copies of transcripts. It generally takes a week to get Transcripts.

STEP 4: Curriculum Vitae (CV)

For MS in Poland some Universities ask for Curriculum vitae. Curriculum Vitae should be changed according to the University or course that you are applying. Click below to know more information on Curriculum Vitae.

*Check with the University for requirement

STEP 5: Write Statement of Purpose (SOP)*

All universities want to know their students and their perspective of life and the course they are applying. Some Universities also call it as motivational letter. This Document might be helpful during VISA interview, some times  they ask for the purpose letter. Its natural to be lost in the beginning while preparing, always learn to add some salt and pepper for enhancement

*Check with the University for requirement

STEP 6: Recommendation Letter from Teacher/supervisors (LOR)*

Basically LOR is a positive letter from your supervisors stating how he views you as Students if its from your teacher or as a employee if its from your employer or manager. As SOP is your perspective of yourself LOR is others perspective of you.Collect two or three LORs from your past or current supervisors (university professors, project manager etc.). Have a look at this section for further details.

*Check with the University for requirement

STEP 7: Apply for universities courses and accommodation

Check for the documents require from University, If  you have them do not wait for signal from God!! Shortlist universities apply online ASAP and If University asks for hard copies send them. Click know more button to know more.

Poland universities have standard dorms for international students.You can apply for dorms in university portal itself. If you have other arrangements such as booking through air bnb or some other agencies its also fine as long as you get a convinient and cheap flats or dorms and get a copy of rental agreement. 

STEP 8: Education Loan

You must apply for the education (student) loan unless you are filthy rich!! or you have bitcoin, to support yourself during your stay in Poland which includes your tuition fee, travel and living expenses. It is very time consuming and tedious work as banks are super slow like sloths and complex like DNA. This section eases the complete process and gives you few important tips.

STEP 9: Take the Health Insurance

This is a mandatory step for visa process.Health com Travel insurance will cover for your health during stay in Poland . You will be asked to produce this document during you Visa Interview Mumbai or Delhi. Short procedure for getting your travel insurance     Click below  .

STEP 10: Book your Flight

You need to book one way flight before your Visa Interview.If its your first time you are booking don’t worry checkout this section unless you want to travel by boat like Pagans.

STEP 11: Book a Schedule for Poland Student VISA

Final step of the documentation process for getting in to Poland LEGALLY. Its a very hard process reaching to this stage. If you have endured till here you will reach this milestone. To know in detailed information on Scheduling a VISA click below.

STEP 12: Prepare to leave Motherland

Note: Read this article before moving to this last step.

This step sometimes for some people worries a lot, because its evident that you will be leaving your loved ones. Take that all love in form of eatables and gifts. Start packing for your stay in Poland. Take help of your mom. to know more info click below.

FYI - IELTS is not required!!!

Well if you have IELTS score hey that’s great!! if you don’t have one that’s great as well. Universities in Poland accept IELTS, It’s not mandatory.If your previous education was completely taught in English that’s enough to prove your English proficiency.

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