Part-time Jobs in Poland for International Students

part time job in poland

Poland offers many advantages to students over other countries in Europe. It is often considered the most economical option without compromising the quality of education. When students come to Poland, they prefer to work alongside their studies to gain experience in the field or just for fun, or to manage expenses. Contrary to other European countries, Poland does not have a set number or limitation of hours for a part-time job.  It is a well-developed emerging nation which poses many job opportunities in various fields for students. It will be of utmost benefit if you can learn the Polish language as it will most definitely open more doors of opportunity; however, it is not a compulsion. Let’s look at some of the essential questions related to finding part-time jobs in Poland.

What are the Benefits of a Part-Time job?

  • The student can explore career options and the jobs it offers (change of career in case of unsuitability is possible in the early years without wasting too much time)
  • It makes them confident and responsible.
  • Improves their CVs or resumes
  • Great way to network
  • Allows students to learn work ethics
  • Equips them with communication and management skills
  • Students can gain valuable references for their CVs.
  • They earn extra income and gain money management skills.
  • Part time jobs are a great way to experience the field while you are studying for it.


Can I Do a Part-Time Job in Poland while Studying?

International students can work while studying as long as they are enrolled in an institution. Students from non-EU countries who hold a student visa or a valid residency permit do not need a work permit to work in Poland.

How Can I Find Part-Time Jobs in Poland?

There are many online portals, such as the ones mentioned below, where you can look for part-time jobs in Poland. If you prefer to go personally and hand in your CV, you can do that too. Also, almost all Universities have a Career Office which assists students and graduates in finding suitable jobs related to their field. Universities also have Job fairs where well-known national and international companies recruit students.

Here are a couple of websites that you can check out

Tips to find part-time jobs in Poland:

  • Start early
  • Create an attractive CV
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated
  • Email or visit the companies directly
  • Expand your network
  • Get in touch with your University’s Career Office

Part-time jobs in Poland

  1. On-campus jobs (Teaching assistant, Social media assistant, Student ambassador)
  2. Food service jobs (Food delivery, Fast food attendant)
  3. Freelancing
  4. Paid internships
  5. Others (Customer service, Library assistant)

To visit the Polish government website for Work and Internships, click here.


Poland is fast becoming another educational hub for students worldwide, and rightly so. With affordable tuition fees and many growth opportunities, it gives everyone a chance to study abroad. Poland has become a student-friendly country that prioritizes students’ needs and requirements through easy access to various opportunities. Finding a part time job in Poland as an international student is relatively easy compared to its European counterparts. While some places may require a basic understanding of Polish, finding jobs requiring English speakers is also possible. This blog has covered some important points related to finding a part time job in Poland. I hope this blog proves to be helpful to you! Good Luck!

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