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Part Time Jobs in Poland

Even though Poland is a very affordable country getting a Part time job while studying will help you in mainly financial way, other than that you can build your contact, get to know some locals and learn their language, which will help you in future if you are thinking of settling in Poland or Searching for new part time or permanent job.

Part Time Jobs in Poland

New regulations from Polish Govt makes it easy for international students to get a part time job, you don’t need  special permission for applying a partime job, But get the residential card first then apply for job. If you get a job and then apply for residence card you have to apply for work residence card which is very hard to  get than getting a Student residence permit.

For MNCs

In order to land in part time or permanent  job you need good English, if you don’t know English German, Spanish, French, Polish with IT skills are required .There are many MNC companies in Poland which prefer people who speak English.
Infosys, H&M, City Bank,Samsung, HCL have their base in Poland you can apply jobs for these companies.

To know more about jobs in above mentioned companies Click here

Below are the links to find Full time or part time  jobs in cities in Poland
1. Warsaw
2. Krakow
3. Wroclaw

Moreover you can contact your career office of your University for Part time  jobs and internship options. Some college will have Job fairs where companies will recruit students from Universities.
Career office of top seven universities are listed here.

Finally if you are planing to settle in Poland or Get a permanent job in Poland, learning Polish language will help you a lot in the prospectus.

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