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Poland Grading System

Poland Universities assess their students using Poland grading system either on semester base like in Master degree courses or by yearly basis like in bachelor in medical  courses.

Usually Universities in Poland follow below given grading system.   (with usual corresponding score percentages):

The Poland grading system scale is from 5 grade to 2 grades 5 being the the best and 2 being the worst.
In order to get pass in Poland university you should at least get grade 3 which is above  50% considered as satisfactory.

  1. niedostateczny (unsatisfactory) – 2.0 – 0–50%


  2. dostateczny (satisfactory) – 3.0 – 51–60%


  3. dostateczny plus (satisfactory plus) – 3.5 – 61–70%


  4. dobry (good) – 4.0 – 71–80%


  5. dobry plus (good plus) – 4.5 – 81–90%


  6. bardzo dobry (very good) – 5.0 – 91–100%

zaliczony (passed) – zal. above 50%

niezaliczony (not passed) – nzal. below 50%

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