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Visa Interview Experiences

The visa officer may ask you any question. So be prepared for anything. You have to remember that this must be your answer. The visa officer will be having so many interviews and he does not want to listen to the same answer. Your answer will have big impact on the decision about granting or refusing visa. Therefore it must be original answer.If you don’t know the answer to the question, just try to make it up. Never say I don’t know some times there is no good or bad answer. these answer prove your English proficiency since you are taking courses in English.
Here are the experiences shared by our students who successfully completed their Visa Interview.

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Visa Interview Questions

If you visited the country before, it is recommended to remember the date of arrival and departure from the country where you had applied for the visa.

Please find some own reason why did you choose Poland. The answer –“When I decided to study abroad I searched for many option such USA, Canada or UK but my budget profile did not match those countries. So I start to look for European countries …”-is not acceptable.Some reasons to choose Poland (these are suggestions only feel free to prepare your own answers). Studying in Poland I can get the International Degree which is recognized in most of the country in the world.-There is a high quality education available in Poland. This country is offering the education based on theory and on the practice so student can get not just knowledge but also some skills and competence.-Poland has stable political situation.-It is safe and secure country. There is no problem with the security like in other European countries for example: no terroristic attacks like in Germany, Belgium or UK.-The cost of living in Poland are affordable for students (give some example –how much will you pay for accommodation, ticket or food)-People in Poland are friendly and open to other culture. They are also tolerant.You can give the example that your friend are studying in Poland and they tell you that Polish people accept students from other countries-Poland is a country with reach history and culture soas a student you will have the opportunity to learn from it.

Give some reason why did you choose this course. You can make the connection to you past education or your past work experience. Also you may tell what you want to do in the future and how this course will help you to obtain your future goal. The answer “I have chosen this course because I will make better in this field” is not acceptable
 This is asked by the officer, to check whether you have done enough research regarding your education and you are serious about it.

This is asked to check whether you know the details of course you have applied for.

This is asked to know whether the course is available here and what made you to visit Poland to study the course. All you need to do is explain difference between the course offered in India and in Germany.

It is advised to remember the dates exactly.

Tell how will you manage your finance while studies, what does your sponsore do (job) and what are the main sources of his or her income? Give some numbers and details regarding this matter. Inform them how much money are you showing as your financial support and what are the sources of the money? saving deposits, FDs, other sources. If you have taken  educational loan –inform them details about the bank, who will paythe loan back and what are the securities for bank (house, properties, others)

If you have the full time scholarship then answer that I have a scholarship. Otherwise say the name of your sponsors. If your sponsors are your parents, then say that my father /mother is sponsoring my education.

This is asked by the visa officer to know the financial capacity of your sponsor. 
Inform them about the main sources of your family incomes. Tell about the job of the members of your family or sponsors of your studies. Tell what is his / her monthly or year income. Tell also what kind of documents are you submitting to prove this facts(for example –the salary slips, ITR or others)

State a confident answer and show your blocked account statement which indicates that you have the sufficient funds.

Please know the GPA of your percentage before you answer to this question.

This is a frequently asked question in VI. Do prior research and get to know about your target university’s profile.Please find some own reason why did you choose perticular University.Some reasons to choose this university are (these are our suggestions only feel free to prepare your own answers) This is very reputed University, which was ranked on —- place in —- .The University is giving me opportunity to obtain the International Degree which is recognized all over the world. University is giving the high quality education based not only on theory and textbooks but also on practice. Therefore I will be able to get some theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and competences which will be very helpful inmy future professional life.—- university is an international University –with students from all over the world: India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Turkey Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, etc. So I can learn a lot about other cultureand customs.University is caring for international students. The University is organizing different festivals and holidays related to history and culture of international students for example: in October 2017, they organized Diwali. So, foreign students can feel little bit like in home.There are different facilities which are helping students, specially they are very helpful to international students.

It is asked to know you better. So say to them what were you doing after your last school. And don’t forget mention your achievements, skills and sincerity.   

Tell them the exact address (of hostel, your friend’s residence etc.) without any second thoughts.

Say ‘YES’ if you have any relatives or just mention ‘NO’.

Tell the visa officer what are your future plans. Describe what you want to do after finishing the course. Give some details. You are investing a lot of money and you must know how this course will help you and what do you want to do. The answer –“I willcome back to India and will find the job in MNC” is not acceptable. In such situation you need to give the specific names of the companies you want to work for (from the field you will study) and also give the example of the managerial posts (just saying I want to be a manager is not enough –say project manager, event manager etc

The main reason to come to Poland is study ONLY. So your answer should be I am not going to work in Poland. My parents/sponsors have enough funds to support my study and stay in Poland. I am going to be a full time student so I want to focus on my study and on student’s life. Off course, the compulsory part of my study program is internship and therefore I will work but only as the internship to get more experience, skills and knowledge.

No.They are busy and they have a lot of work to do here. So it will be impossible for them to visit me in Poland. In addition, the cost of traveling for my family could be quite big so from economical point of view it will be more proper if I visit them during my summer holiday

* Some of the answers honey coated, but do not copy entire paragraphs add your own sentences and make your own version so that it doesn't feel cooked up.

Required Documents

  1. Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months validity after the scheduled return), with at least two empty pages.

  2. Application form duly signed, with 3 passport photographs according to biometric specifications, not older than 6 months.

  3. Covering letter from applicant explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay.

  4. Admission letter from Polish university.

  5. Proof of payment of study fees.

  6. One way flight reservation.

  7. Travel medical insurance for the first year of studies.Get it here within 30 min

  8. Proof of other academic qualifications (diploma, academic degree certificate or mark sheets duly attested by means of the Apostille certification).

  9. Proof of financial means to cover the costs of the stay in Poland during the studies (Blocked amount) .

  10. Photocopy of data sheet (first and last page) of your passport.

  11. Slot booking confirmation certificate( Generated online while booking slot)

  12. Confirmation certificate for payment of Consulate fees.

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