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Polish Grading System

Polish Grading System

Studying in Europe can be one of the wisest decisions of your life. Every year, thousands of international students apply to study in Poland. The country is rapidly turning into a reputed study hub in Europe. If you have applied for a master’s program at a university in Poland, you need to be aware of the Polish grading system. This article on the Polish grading system gives you all the information you will ever need about the grading system followed by the universities in Poland.

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Polish Grading System

What is a university grading system?

Credits or grades refer to the marks that indicate a student’s academic performance for a certain course of study. It is a diagnostic tool developed by academics to measure the candidate’s level of knowledge in a particular subject. At the end of every test or exam, you get an evaluation of your mastery over the topic in question.

The average grade you receive at the end of your high school and bachelor’s degree plays a vital role in your successful application for a master’s program in Poland. If you have good grades, it can be a great asset to your résumé and take you places in both your educational and professional life.

Grading systems can vary significantly from country to country. They differ depending on the geographical location of the university. There can even be variations in grading systems within the same country. Polish grade schools use a grading system that is not the same as the one used by post-secondary education institutions in Poland.

Why should you be aware of the grading system?

During your master’s degree in Poland, you will be graded for your academic performance every once in a semester; which means twice a year for each year you spend doing the course. If you happen to get a failing grade, you may need to repeat the subject over the following semester and rewrite that particular exam.

Although it is highly recommended that you put in all your efforts and get good grades consistently during your time as an international master’s student in Poland, it is completely understandable if you get overwhelmed and fail a course. You can always retake the exam, perform better and score better marks.

The final grade you receive at the end of your master’s program will be a cumulative grade calculated from your academic performance in all the semester exams. Your final grade as a master’s student in Poland can play a significant role in determining your future education or career path which is why it is not sufficient to only study but also to be aware of the Polish grading system that your university follows.

What is the Polish Grading system like?

What is the Polish Grading system like?

University authorities and official representatives are bound to explain details of the Polish grading system to international students like you as soon as the semester begins. Expectations regarding the minimum marks you should obtain to qualify in a particular course and gain the necessary credits to graduate are to be clarified by the university instructors as well.

As a master’s student in Poland, you should be concerned with the grading system that post-secondary education institutions such as universities in Poland use to evaluate their students. The grading system in Poland is unique, and your grade can be anything between 2 and 5- including 2 and 5. Under the 2 to 5 grading scale, 2 is for the worst performance ,and 5 is the best grade that you can possibly attain.
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The following table gives an outline of the grading system that is used at Polish universities.

Please note that when it comes to non-academic courses such as sports, there are only two grades- zaliczony meaning passed and niezaliczony meaning not passed. The minimum criteria to pass such courses can be the class attendance or completion of course workload well within the stipulated deadline.

According to the general grading system for universities in Poland, any score below 50% is normally a fail and a minimum of 51% or a 3.0 grade is necessary to pass the exam. If you write an exam badly and get an unsatisfactory grade of 2.0, it usually means that you have failed your exam. In order to successfully graduate the program that you are enrolled in, you may be required to get at least a passing grade of 3.0 in all your course modules. However, the actual scores corresponding to grades can be different in different universities.

Transferring Credits to other universities

ECTS is the abbreviation for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. Due to the problem of multiple grading systems in different European countries, the ECTS credit system was established in 1989 by the European Commission. ECTS is a common system in Europe that is generally accepted as a standard meant to compare credits that have been granted under different grading systems in different countries.

Today, most higher education institutes in Poland including Polish universities have the additional ECTS grade which makes it fairly easy to convert grades. As an international master’s student at a university in Poland, you can conveniently convert and transfer your credits to other universities within or outside Europe.


Although the Polish grading system can seem fairly confusing in the beginning, it is a simple scale that you only need to be aware of to know where you stand academically as a master’s student. Your focus must be on learning the course modules, developing relevant skills in your field of study and practicing the Polish language if you hope to settle down in the country after graduation.

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