Post Arrival Procedures

Post Arrival Procedures

Post Arrival Procedures

Post Arrival Procedures

Take care of Insurance

In order to get Poland Visa you need to have a Insurance, In case if you only have travel insurance but you are staying in Poland for longer period you need to get your health Insurance Immediately.

Reason being, If get sick, medical bills will give heart attack for free.

To register your stay in Poland you need to produce health Insurance  copy.Its better you get a student in abroad health insurance from your country itself.Click below button to avail for health insurance for Poland from TATA most trusted health insurance right now.

Get your tenancy contract

Once you are in your apartment first thing is to meet your landlord and ask him for a tenancy contract which ensures that you will be staying in that particular place for these many months or years.
The Contract Should contain Fixed charges. Monthly dead line and form of payment, Deposit amount paid, Duration of the notice period for the termination of the agreement (usually 1 month).Contract should contain state of repair of the flat at the moment of handing over.  The agreement should also specify the party responsible for making payments for utilities. Specify the readings of meters, e.g. for electricity, water or gas in form of an attachment. Such information will help determine the actual use of the utility by the tenant during the period of residence in the given premises.
These documents need to be mentioned in the contract to avoid any confusion in the later stage.

Register in the municipality office(‘zameldowanie’)

Zameldowanie is registering for place of living in munciplity office.
If you are staying in Poland for more than 14 days you must do this step if you are non EU citizen you need to do it before 4 days of arrival if you are EU citizen 30 days is the limit.
If you change your place of residence you need to update it in the office, if you don’t register, it will be obstacle for other procedures such as temporary residence permit.
Generally you complete zameldowanie in a so-called urząd gminy – a municipality office.
To find Municipal office near you go to this website and turn on google translator because its in polish, then give your address click on search, you will find office near you.

Apply for Residence Permit

If you are a non EU citizen you need to apply for residence permit in Voivodeship’s office for permit to stay longer period in Poland.
First permit for educational purpose in given for 15 months if you want to extend you need to apply for it again.if you have the residence card you have accessibility for labor market, Which means you can work part time in Poland.

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