Six Reasons to study in Poland

Six Reasons to study in Poland

Factors like global level education, low tuition fees, inexpensive living cost, world-class universities draw thousands of international students to Poland for higher studies every year. Since Poland is geologically in the middle of Europe, this country gives easy access to other EU nations, which opens doors for job opportunities in whole of European Union. In this article, we have enlisted the six reasons to study in Poland that international students should consider.


Polish Universities, in its education system, follows the Bologna principle, and there are three stages of reviewing higher education system through this principal. Poland follows the European standards, since it is a part of EU and involves constant checking and improving of the education process. Students can choose to study in Poland in any of these popular globally recognized universities:

For detailed information on universities and courses offered by Polish universities, please click here.

Cost of Living

When you venture abroad for higher education, you should consider the country’s cost of living. International students complete their higher education using education loans and repaying them is challenging if you do not land a high-paying job post completion of your studies. Poland, as a country, has an affordable cost of living and is somewhat similar to Sri Lanka. To survive in Poland, one needs 24 euros a day. Hence, when you choose to study in Poland, you will not accumulate as much debt as you would while studying in other countries.

Tuition Cost

As compared to other countries, the tuition fees in Poland are reasonably less and mostly free. EU member states students do not need to pay their tuition fees but international students from other countries do need to pay tuition fees. Students need approximately 12500 euros to complete their studies in Poland and the price includes tuition fees, return ticket, and living cost for 2 years. The tuition fee of Polish universities depends on the course, the university and the area of the institution, which is between 1500 euros to 4000 euros.

Job Opportunities

After completing a degree from any Polish university, you have access to the EU labour market. Getting work gets challenging in all parts of the world for an international student. However, a Polish degree is accepted in other EU nations. Europe is home to many MNCs, and students passing out of Polish universities can get jobs in top organizations.

Heritage and Landscape

Poland has rich culture, heritage and beautiful landscape. Polish people are warm and sociable and welcome foreign nationals with a welcoming heart. There are ample opportunities to mingle with Polish locals in universities and public places. Polish people are also open to diverse cultures. International students who study in Poland get to experience the beauty and wonderful culture of Polish people.


Poland receives students from all around the world every year. This provides an opportunity for students to mingle with people from other countries, understand their culture and behaviour, giving a true global exposure.

Students who study in Poland get to network with other students coming from different backgrounds. This will definitely benefit the students in the longer run as it provides the students with diverse global level experience.

Geologically Poland is in middle of the Europe.That implies while study in Poland you have easy access to all the EU nations.


Poland follows Bologna principle in it’s education system. In this principle there are 3 stages of reviewing higher education system. Since Poland is a part of EU, Poland follows European standerds, which involves constant checking and improving the education process.Poland has some very good internationally recognised institutions such as

Warsaw University of Technology
Wroclaw University of Technology
AGH University of Technology
Poznan University of Technology
Gdansk University of Technology

For detailed information for universities and courses offered by universities checkout this page

>>Cost of living

One of the main criteria you should consider while choosing the country for higher education is cost of living of the Country. Most of the students will complete their higher education using their loans from bank, after completing education these loans might haunt you. Poland has least cost of living in Europe, Cost of living in Poland is same as Srilanka.
According to official figures you need 24 Euros a day to survive in Poland.
To know  cost of each daily used prodcts in different cities Click here

>>>Cost of tuition

Tuition cost is reasonably fair, many students compare it to German University tuition fees which is free ” for not all but most of the Universities”, even though there is no tuition fees cost of living is really high in Germany.In figures approximately you need 12500$ to complete your degree. Cost includes your tuition fees and return ticket fee, living cost for 2 years.Tuition fee varies from 1500 euros to 4000 euros.
Cost of Tuition depends on Course and university applied.

>>>>Job opportunity

If you have completed your degree from any Poland University you have access to EU labour market. As we know getting work is difficult in all part of the world, as a international student it will be little more difficult, but there are many students who have successfully got jobs and settled in EU countries. Your degree certificate is accepted in EU regions. Poland is home to many MNCs which prefer international students.

FYI – Infosys has office in WarsawInfosys-top.png

>>>>>Heritage and landscape

Poland has rich heritage and culture and there are very beautiful landscape. Weather in Poland is cold but People have very warm heart in welcoming internationals in their country. There will be ample opportunity to mingle with the locals in college and in pubs.Polish people love to talk about other cultures.



Every year Poland receives students from all around the world, Gives you opportunity to mingle with other country students know their culture, and behavior.This will make you truly a international student.


Studying abroad is making you a broad minded person by knowing other cultures and people.Which will surely benefit you in your personal or work life.

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