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Starter Kit

Choosing the best University is a good thing, but you cannot go on applying for all the University. The best thing is to know your profile and apply for some good university in your reach that’s more of a practical approach.

Below 5 steps will help you get started with MS in Poland.

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STEP 1: 12 Application milestones

Before Starting anything with MS in Poland,  have a bird view at the application procedure, Know each mile stone and set a target date. Checkout these 12 steps which will help you in reaching Poland.

STEP 2: Know Application Timeline

Get informed about time required for each process, It will help you to plan your application process and set a personal timeline so that your MS in Poland journey Runs smoothly.Dead line from university is fixed so start from there and always work backwards to beginning of the process.

STEP 3: Evaluate your Profile

Before rushing into applying for Best universities, Its always advised to have a through look at your profile and calculate odds and evens of your profile.Know yourself better, then proceed further.

STEP 4: Start Searching Universities

Search and Research about the course and university you want to apply for, use our tool to short list the universities according to your interested course.

STEP 5: Prepare your Documents

Following is a list of all the documents required for your application process. Prepare them according to given specifications.

NOU - Number of target Universities

General Guidelines

  • Stay organized, maintain a folder/file for MS applications and keep track of each document.
  • All the photocopies related to academics must be duly attested by college dean.
  • All other photocopies must be duly attested by a certified public notary.
  • SOP and CV are self attested, they do not need notarization.
  • Always take high quality scanned copies.
  • Use high quality paper for SOP, LOR and CV.

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