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Accommodation In Poland

There are many different options for  accommodation in Poland depending on the budget and where you want to live, sometimes it is difficult to get accommodation as per your budget for that we have shared some accommodation options to choose from. Getting On-campus is accessible by only 12% of for residence halls and 57% of them are satisfied with the services and housing itself.

Types of Accommodation

In Poland accommodation vary from city to city like in Krakow it costs 290 – 390 Euro per month, while Warsaw has 350 – 460 Euro per month. You will also get furnished and unfurnished accommodation is available in Poland, although unfurnished options are more common. 

Many Universities have their own dormitories, which are usually the cheapest option available. However, most students prefer to rent a room in a private apartment.

1. Shared Accommodation

  1. In Poland you will get shared accomodation which is best for those who have already made friends in Poland and would like to share an apartmenttogether.

  2. Before you can move in, you usually have to provide a one month deposit.

  3. Prices vary from 600 to 900 PLN per room/month depending on the location and standard of the residence.

2. University Dormitories

  1. This option is only for university student which is usually situated outside the campus.

  2. Here you will get limited dorms and usually reserved for students who cannot afford private accommodation options.

  3. Prices start from approx. 400 PLN/month. which vary from 600 to 900 PLN per room/month depending on the location and standard of the residence.

3. A Flat

  1. This is for Students who prefer to live on their own a flat.

  2. You will get number of available flats in the major cities of Poland which are ready to be viewed and booked. Like in Warsaw prices vary from 900 to 1200 PLN/month.

  3. For two bedroom apartment it costs 1600 to 2000 PLN/month and a studio between 1300 to 1600 PLN/ month for that you have to deposit approximately one month’s rent is required.

How to Apply

  1. Fill the Online Application form and attach the required documents online.

  2. Or via email fill the application form mentioning your course of study Download.

Fees And Documents

For online you have to Pay the €275 registration and University application fee

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