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Travel & health insurance

Health is the most valuable asset one can have. When you get sick you productivity and bank balance always keeps on decreasing. If you want to hold Poland VISA in your hand get travel and health insurance.Life is fragile be insured.

Travel & health insurance

Why we need Insurance

  • Before answering the question how to get it we need to know why we need Insutance.
  • As human beings there is always a uncertainity in our lives, we cannot predict whats going to happen to us in future.
  • The only thing we can do is prepare for the future, secure ourselves. Insurance is going to secure our uncertain future.
  • Consider a situation, you are in Poland and it gets really cold and poland is cold. you suddenly get sick you got to a hospital and get medication. But when you recieve medical bill you will get heart attack if you had to pay the money.
  • In the above situation if you had insurance you wouldnt have gotten heart attack since all you medical costs are beared by theinsurace company.
  • Its always good to be insured.

Required documents

  • Only your passprt is sufficient to get you on with Travel and Health Insurance.

Before you start

  • You must posses a travel & health insurance in order to hold Poland VISA in your hand. Konsulate of Poland mandates the requirement of Travel and health insurance.
  • Travel & Health insurance should cover 1,00,000 USD per year, according VISA regulations set by Konsulate of Poland.
  • Don't do it just beacuse the konsulate mandates.Do it for yourself.Life is really fragile just like a mirrior you never know when will it brake.
  • Its always good to be insured, Specially for Poland. Poland has some extream weather once you get sick it really becomes hard to get a medical treatment, you have to empty all your bank balance. We know of these cases.
  • There are many known health insurance companies which provide travel and health insurance but will create a huge problem while claiming these back.In that case you will be double sad.
  • To be on the safer side we recommend Religare student travel and health insurance. Which is safe, secure and Easy to claim.


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