The Best Cities in Poland to Live and Work

The Best Cities in Poland to Live and Work

If you love beautiful places that are rich in history and culture, some of the best cities in Poland are wonderful choices to live and work. There are plenty of reasons why living and working in Poland is a lucrative career option. Poland has the 6th largest GDP in the European Union and 21st in the whole world. The country is considered one among the top 25 developed nations in the world, which means the country offers an excellent quality of life.

This country has also been given a name as Start-up Poland, due to the large number of start-up companies. Poland ranks 8th in the list of best places for women to work in. There are numerous job opportunities for people in medical and IT fields and for people who are proficient in multiple languages. All these factors make Poland a great place to live and work.

Best Cities in Poland

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Below listed are some of the best cities in Poland to live and establish your career.

1. Wroclaw


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Wroclaw was awarded as one of the best destinations in Europe in the year 2018. The city is full of architectural wonders, beautiful rivers, and bridges, making it the Venice of the North. With international citizens from over 120 countries, a low crime rate, and a vibrant cultural environment, the city is considered as one of the safest places in the country. Wroclaw has numerous entertainment centres, bars and clubs where people can relax and enjoy their weekends.

The city has a well-developed transportation system that connects the city with the rest of the places in Poland and with the neighbouring countries like Germany and the Czech Republic.

As many big companies like Nokia, IBM, Google, HP Inc., are investing in Wroclaw, the city is becoming a hotspot for job opportunities. The salaries in Wroclaw range between 2,040 PLN and 36,000 PLN. The cost of living in Wroclaw is 4,754 PLN per month.

All these reasons make Worclaw one of the best cities in Poland to work and live in.

2. Poznań


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Poznań is a beautiful city with a very rich history; it offers a perfect combination of both small-town and metropolitan city life. Majority of the population in Poznan is young as many students and job seekers choose to study and work in the city due to the presence of world-class companies and industries. Besides, it takes less than three hours to travel from Poznań to Berlin. Poznań is one of the top choices for ex-pats who want to settle down in Poland.

The city’s booming job industry attracts both local and international citizens. Top employers in Poznań include McKinsey & Company, Roche, Unilever, Volkswagen. The salaries in Poznań range between 1,790 PLN to 31,700 PLN. The cost of living in Poznań is 4,357 PLN per month.

All these reasons make Worclaw one of the best cities in Poland to work and live in.

3. Gdańsk


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Gdańsk is considered one of the happiest places in Poland, with nearly 80% of the residents feeling happy with their life in Gdańsk. Gdańsk is a modern city with its roots still deep in the medieval era. As the city is located in the North of Poland at the coast of Baltic sea it has a clean beautiful beach that you can enjoy. Moreover, the city is the centre of sports, culture and entertainment, which means you will never be bored.

Top employers in Gdańsk include Amazon, Bayer and Hilton Gdańsk. The salaries in Poznań range between 1,740 PLN to 30,800 PLN. The cost of living in Gdańsk is 4,610 PLN per month. All the aspects like beautiful beaches, great weather and quality of life and work contribute to the city being a favourite among most citizens.

4. Kraków

Main Market Square, Kraków

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Kraków is Poland’s old capital and the perfect place to call home. You will find plenty of tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping centres throughout the city. The main square located at the centre of the Old medieval town of Kraków is one of the most popular places in Poland.

Apart from all this, the city is prominent for its job opportunities. Top employers in Kraków are Luxoft, Cisco Systems, Capgemini, Nokia and Uber. The salaries in Kraków, 2,100 PLN to 37,000 PLN. The cost of living in Kraków is 4,508 PLN per month.

5. Toruń


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Toruń is the hometown of the great mathematician and astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus. This medieval Polish town has a very high rank in the quality of life index and its full of architecturally important places. The city is a great place for someone who wants to escape the bustling, noisy city life. Toruń has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Toruń University is one of the best universities in Europe for studying Physics and Chemistry. Do remember to try the Toruń famous gingerbread, during your visit there.

The city also offers plenty of job opportunities which makes it one of the best cities in Poland. Top employers in Toruń are Zara, Philip Morris International, and Data Space Sp. z o.o. The average salary that you can expect in Toruń is 216,750 PLN. The cost of living in Toruń is 3422 PLN per month.

6. Warsaw


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Warsaw is also known as the Phoenix city, due to its revival after being completely destroyed during the 2nd World War; the city was rebulit with the help of the entire nation. In the present era, the city is considered as one of the most important cities in Poland and Europe.

Poland is rapidly developing as a major technological hub, and Warsaw is at the centre of it. Google recently started its centre in Warsaw, and many start-ups are also emerging. Warsaw offers plenty of jobs for anyone and everyone who can speak English.

However, the cost of living in Warsaw is higher than the other cities in Poland, but is still cheaper than most of the prime cities around Europe. In general, the city’s excellent quality of life, modern infrastructure,well-connected transportation system and abundant employment opportunities make Warsaw one of the best cities in Poland to live and work in.

Being the capital city, makes it the preferred destination for plenty of companies and industries. Google, Philip Morris International, J.P. Morgan, Amazon and Citi bank are some of the top employers in Warsaw. The salaries in Warsaw range form2,150 PLN to 38,000 PLN. The cost of living in Warsaw is 5,923 PLN.per month.

7. Łódź


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Before World war II, Łódź was the largest multicultural city in Poland and Central Europe. In the present day, it is a city full of life, culture and art. It is rapidly developing with major projects of reputed companies and is home to many recognised universities, making it one of the best cities in Poland. All these factors have attracted many international students and local young local population to the city.

You will find both expensive and affordable housing in Łódź. Depending on your needs and budget you can either choose to settle down at Piotrkowska an expensive neighbourhood or Politecknik an affordable neighbourhood suitable for students.

Before you leave the city, make sure you visit the Polish film Industry at Łódź.

Łódź is undoubtedly one of the best cities in Poland today. Some of the top employers in Łódź are PwC, Philips, Amazon, Accenture and Procter & Gamble. The average yearly salary in Łódź is 59,988 PLN. The cost of living in Łódź is 3,828 PLN per month.

There are plenty of employment opportunities in Poland; however, after the introduction of PesaDart railway, the job market has become pretty competitive as the travel time between Łódź and Warsaw has become just 70 minutes.

Conclusion :

As a professional or a recent graduate, you must be looking for an ideal place to start your career. There is no denying that Poland is a great place to enhance your career. Reading this article will give you an idea of the best cities in Poland to reside in.

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