Top 10 Master Courses to Study in Poland

Top 10 Master Courses to Study in Poland

Poland is home to some of the oldest universities in the world and has a total of 457 universities and institutes. Nicolaus Copernicus and Marie Curie, two prominent figures in the world of science, gained their education from Polish universities. Given its rich academic history, many international students are opting to study in Poland. Its high-quality education, low tuition fees and affordable living are some of the other factors that are attracting more and more international students to the country for their higher studies.

Let us take a look at the Top 10 Master courses that international students choose to study in Poland.

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Top 10 Master Courses to Study in Poland

1. Master’s in Accounting

Master of Science in Accounting or Master of Accountancy is a professional course that prepares you for the world of finance and accounting. Poland has some of the best programs around the world for a master’s program in accounting. Depending on the university you choose, your program may take 1 to 2 years to complete; however, all students need to complete a certain number of hours in order to graduate. In addition to this, there are scores of job opportunities for graduate-level candidates in the field of banking and finance, which means professionals with a master’s degree in accounting have higher chances of getting a job in Poland.

Accounting and finance professionals in Poland earn annually about PLN60,000+ on an average.

Popular universities for Master's in Accounting :

2. Master of Computer Science or IT field

The Computer Science and IT-related fields are growing rapidly in Poland. The faculty of Computer Science has gained tremendous popularity due to its world-class teaching techniques and student exchange programs. These fields are highly popular amongst the international community who come to study in Poland. Polish universities offer a wide-range of specializations, which give the students options to choose the subject that best suit their profile and interest level. There is a huge demand for Computer Science and IT professionals as Poland has shortage of proficient workers with specialized skills.

The average annual pay for software professionals in Poland is PLN90,000+ depending on your level of experience.

Popular universities for Master programs in Computer Science and Information Technology :

3. Master of Economic Studies

Master of Economic Studies

A Master’s in Economic Studies aims to provide the necessary knowledge in the field of economics and mathematics that are essential for effective functioning of organizations, small, medium or large scale. A master degree in this field enables the students to gain expertise in different economic principles required to manage various resources. Most universities in Poland offer both full-time and part-time courses for students to choose from. An Economics graduate from Poland can work in public sectors, private organizations and consultancy firms.

Economists in Poland have a high potential for earning, making up to more than PLN150,000 on an average annually.

Popular universities for Master programs in Economic Studies :

4. Master's program in Engineering

The postgraduate program for master’s in engineering or engineering technology is a popular option among international students studying in Poland. Engineering master degrees in different domains such as mechanical, civil, electrical, telecommunications, marine, networking, etc., find their scope in core domain companies worldwide. Engineering studies have enormous scope considering the specialized knowledge that it bestows on the students.

Check out the top universities in Poland that offer Master programs in Mechanical Engineering :

Average annual pay for engineers varies from PLN50,000 to PLN100,000 based on their domain and experience.

Popular universities for Master degrees in Engineering :

5. Master of Environmental Studies

Environmental studies are gaining momentum as people are increasingly mindful about the need for protecting the environment, maintain the natural resources and adapt technologies that keep a check on pollution levels. Poland’s abundant natural resources, along with its high-tech lab facilities, make it the hotspot for Environmental studies. If you are looking for a master’s program in this field, Poland is the ideal destination. A Master degree from a Polish university is accepted world-wide, ensuring future career prospects for international students.

On an average, environmental professionals or engineers earn anywhere between PLN60,000 to PLN80,000 annually depending on their level of experience.

Popular universities offering Master programs in Environmental Studies :

6. Master’s in Food Science

Poland is the seventh in EU and largest in Central and East Europe for agricultural food production. Poland adopts some of the best agricultural practices, technologies, and programs in Europe. International students studying Food Science will gain extensive knowledge about food, its safety, food processing, food packaging, transportation, quality, etc. Some of the popular food industries in Poland are Contractus Ltd., Scandic Food Sp. z o.o. and Henryk Kania S.A. The food industry in Poland is a prominent one, opening up plethora of opportunities for international students pursuing Food Science master programs.

Annually, food technologists or other professionals in this industry, earn anywhere from PLN50,000 to PLN90,000 on an average.

Popular universities in Poland for Master programs in Food Science :

7. Master’s in Sustainability Studies

Master’s in Sustainable Studies is a program that teaches us to use environmental resources without exhausting nature. Sustainability affects everything from your way of life to what you choose to eat. Universities in Poland offer interesting subjects to study in their MA program for Sustainability Studies.

Annually, professionals with Master’s in Sustainability Studies earn PLN50,000 to PLN80,000 on an average based on their experience level.

Popular universities for Master programs in Sustainability Studies :

8. Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration is one of the most popular courses globally. International students who study in Poland can choose to specialize in Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, or Operations Management. Some of the universities ask for work experience as a pre-requisite to enrol into Master’s in Business Administration. MBA graduates find employment in private or public sectors, in large scale organizations and also ambitious Start-Ups. There is no dearth in job opportunities for Business Administration professionals.

Annually, MBA graduates earn PLN80,000 to PLN100,000 on an average, again based on their experience level.

Popular universities offering Master's programs in Business Administration :

9. Master’s in Management

Master’s in Management or MIM is a course perfect for students from an undergraduate degree in business or non-business related fields with acumen in business management. With some of the best business schools in the world and low tuition fees, Poland has become a top study destination in Europe for Management degrees. Management master degrees render necessary knowledge and skills for students in areas of leadership, planning, operations management, communication, etc., shaping the students to become great leaders in future.

With big companies like Google, Toyota, Amazon, Volkswagen investing in Poland, there is a rising demand for skilled graduates with the ability to manage and lead companies to success.

Managers on an average earn PLN100,000 to PLN200,000 annually based on their experience level.

Popular universities offering Master's in Management programs in Poland :

10. Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality

Hospitality and Tourism are the two leading industries in Poland that contribute to the country’s economy and GDP. The Master programs in Tourism and Hospitality offered by the Polish universities are not limited to Poland alone but diversify to international tourism as well. With a steady growth in this sector, Poland employs thousands of professionals for jobs in different roles. International students with master degrees in Tourism and Hospitality find jobs conveniently, in specific roles based on their specialization.

Average earning of Tourism and Hospitality professionals can vary depending on their role and experience.

Popular universities offering Tourism and Hospitality related Master programs in Poland :


When it comes to quality and affordability, Poland is one of the best places in the world for higher education. However, there are a few courses that the country is best known for. Having hands-on knowledge about these courses will be of great help if you wish study in Poland. This article gives you comprehensive information on the top master courses to study in Poland, which will perhaps help you in determining your target course and university.

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