Why Study in Poland? Top Reasons to Choose Poland for your Higher Studies

Study in Poland

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The constant increase in the influx of international students in Poland stands as a testament to its rise in popularity as a study destination. The country’s education system has evolved over the decades and is well established. Poland houses one of the oldest universities in Europe, the Jagiellonian University of Cracow and some top European universities like University of Warsaw and AGH University of Science and Technology. A degree from these Polish universities is recognised around the world, which makes the decision to study in Poland wise.

Why Study in Poland?

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Poland is home to some of the oldest, well-established universities in the world for pursuing Engineering, Medicine, Humanities, Arts and Sciences etc. At Polish universities, you can be sure that you get the chance to learn the latest subjects and well-structured courses.

Poland offers an extensive range of top-quality programs with low tuition fees and a reasonable cost of living. The research and development programs, job opportunities, internships and student exchange programs offered by the central European nation of Poland will provide you with the perfect opportunity to build a successful career.

Once you complete your course, there are plenty of job opportunities for international citizens. Another benefit of studying in Poland is that most universities in Poland offer courses in English, making it suitable and convenient for international students.

Additionally, Poland is strategically positioned with an excellent transport network that connects it with the entire European Union, which will come in handy during your internships and job search.

Let us elaborate on some of the reasons that make Poland a worthy study destination.

Quality of Education

In the past decade, the number of higher education institutes in the country has increased by four times. The increase is not just in numbers but in the quality of education too. For instance, Warsaw University has been ranked first in the Top coder international IT ranking, beating even MIT in the US. Polish universities go the extra mile to make sure they have highly-qualified faculty.

Poland’s education system strives to maintain a progressive and flexible university-student relationship by allowing students to choose their specialisation after the first semester, to choose study modules and electives and through student exchange and study abroad programs.

Tuition Fees

One of the primary reasons why international students choose to study in Poland is because of its lower tuition fees and living cost. Studying in Poland is much cheaper than other top study destinations in Europe like the UK, and so is the cost of living in Poland.

Like most countries, educational institutes in Poland are of two types, public and private. According to topuniversities.com, the average fees for Master’s courses in public universities in Poland is US$4,180 (EUR 3542.55), and US$6,600(EUR 5593.50) in private Polish universities.

In addition to this, Polish universities also offer tuition-free education or scholarships to students planning to apply for doctoral degrees.

Language Proficiency

Most of the courses in Poland are delivered in English, which makes them viable for international students. However, all international students from non-English speaking countries need to submit proof of their English language proficiency. The most widely accepted English language proficiency tests in Poland are IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic and C1 Advanced. Students need to have an overall score of at least 6.5 in IELTS with a minimum score of 6.0 in reading and writing. These tests are not mandatory though. You can also submit a high school or higher education certificate as your proof of knowledge in English.

Research Opportunities

There are more than 457 universities and educational institutions of higher education in Poland, of which some are ranked among the top one percent in the world. Several public and private institutes in the country support research and development events and ventures. Various Polish organisations like the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), Main Council of the Research Institutes (RGIB), Polish Young Academy and Business and Science Poland (BSP) provide plenty of research opportunities for aspiring and deserving students.

Scholarships in Poland – University Scholarships

Students planning to study in Poland will find several scholarship options, both sponsored by the government and the university. There are also some scholarships specifically meant to help international students to manage their program fees. ERASMUS, Visegrad scholarship program, and Fulbright are some of the prominent scholarship programs for students from developing countries.

Job Opportunities

Studying in Poland can be your perfect gateway for a promising career. Many international companies having their branches in Poland give priority to graduates from Polish universities. There are also Tech parks which are home to several firms. Besides, job fairs and yearly events like the Warsaw Innovation Week provide employment opportunities and help start-ups to find investors.

Read the below article for detailed information on job opportunities available in Poland.

Cost of Living

If you are on a tight budget to make it through your course, Poland can come to your aid. You can find dormitories for your accommodation starting from €60 a month and shared apartments from €100. Monthly food expenses can range between € 70 – 90 making the country affordable for international students from various social strata.

To get more details on cost of living in Poland for international students, read :

Rich Cultural Environment

According to worldometers.info, Poland ranked as the eighth-most populous country in the EU in the year 2020. Polish people are known for their hospitality and rich culture. Even though Poland is a developed country, it still has its roots deep in tradition. Although Polish is the national language of Poland, most citizens in Poland also speak English, making it easy for international students to communicate with the local citizens.

People from all around the world come to Poland to participate in the various music festivals hosted by the country. There are nearly 16 UNESCO world heritage sites located at different places across Poland where you can experience and explore the Polish heritage.


Poland is ranked among the top 20 safest countries in the world and is also one of the safest countries in the EU. As mentioned earlier, Polish people are known for being very friendly. All Polish universities give utmost importance to the safety of their students. The country is very safe, which is why thousands of students from around the world come to Poland every year.

Part-time Job Opportunities

Like most study destinations in the EU, Poland also allows international students with a student visa to work while they study. International students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week with an exception during holidays, when they can work for 40 hours per week.

Students can get in touch with their respective university to search for part-time jobs or search online and in local newspapers.

Top Universities and Master's Courses to Study in Poland

Top Universities in Poland: Jagiellonian University

Source : Notes from Poland

We have compiled a list of top universities and Master’s courses in Poland.

Top Universities

Top Master’s Courses

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Conclusion :

We have put together a wide-range of reasons that would make you want to study in Poland. Planning and studying in a foreign country is both exciting and intimidating. If you do your research well and pick the place and course that suits you the best, it can be the best few years of your life. Consider the reasons listed above and make an informed choice.

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