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Free Consultation to help you get started!


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Online Processes and Operations!


Partner Services

Partner Services for Student Support!


Student Portal

Student Portal for Workflow Status Updates!

Profile Evaluation and
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Poland University and
courses list

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Free Information and Support

Step by step application guide

Step by step
application guide

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A Platform for Free Information & Support for Students!

Free Platform


What free services do we offer?

Get started on your dream of studying in Poland through our free consultation on offer!

End-to-End Online Processes For All Our Services

Online process

What do we offer online?

Our digital mode of operations ensures that every stage of your application process is taken care of through our streamlined online processes. Our online mode of working is an extremely flexible and lucrative option for prospective students.


SOP Writing

Let our experts put your story into words.


Our experts will prepare academic or Company LORs based on your profile and preferences!


Our experts will prepare your CV in the European Format which is application ready!

SOP Review

Outshine the competition with a professionally written Statement of Purpose.


We believe that the final quality of LORs is determined by the reviewers just as much as by the authors. Get your LORs reviewed by our experts.


With this service, you will receive a professional and thorough review of your CV.

Partner Services for Student Support

Partner Services

Student Support through Partner Services

We have partnered with student support services who will provide essential support during application and post-admission stages.


Transparent and Secure Student Portal

Student Portal


Know your workflow status!

Keep yourself up-to-date about your workflow status by accessing our transparent and secure Student Portal.

Student reviews

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Experience MSinPoland​ Now!

Experience MSinPoland​ Now!

We are here to help you reach your dream of studying in Poland.
Experience MSinPoland​ Now!

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Our #1 core value is customer service.

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