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Cost of Living in Poland for International Students

Cost of Living in Poland for International Students

Poland is known as one of the best destinations for higher education in Europe and sees an influx of millions of international students every year. Another factor that adds to its popularity is the lesser cost of education and the affordable living in the country. Plus, there are so many options for international students to get some or the other kind of scholarship or student assistance which will make studies in the country even more affordable. In this blog, we will talk about the cost of living in Poland for international students in specific.

Cost of Living in Poland

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Tuition Fees in Poland

After the quality of education, the main reason why international students choose to study in Poland is because of its low tuition fees. For example, while the average tuition fees for an EU/EAA member state student studying full-time masters in Poland is €2,000-€3,000, However, please make sure that you check the tuition fee for the institute before applying because the cost will vary depending upon whether the university is private or public.

Listed below is the average fee for some graduate programs:

Cost of Living in Poland

Cost of Living in Poland

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There are a number of factors that determine the overall cost of living in Poland, specifically for international students. We have listed below some of the main factors that contribute to living expenses in Poland:

Accommodation Cost

An international student can either choose to stay on-campus or off-campus. While on-campus accommodations are the best for students given the easy availability of facilities, the availability of rooms is usually restricted. On-campus accommodation such as dormitories a may cost you at least 90 Euros (400 PLN). So, if you miss the FCFS for the room allotment, you will probably have to wait for a year to get a room again.

However, a lot of international students choose to stay outside the campus, albeit close to it. One can live in private rental apartments on a sharing basis or shared accommodations such as student hostels which can be found in plenty around the university campus. The accommodation cost for private rentals may vary from 900-4500 PLN, depending on the location and also the type of sharing (single/double/triple) that you choose. You can always contact your university’s students affair office to find out the available accommodation options. When we say the student’s affair office, we mean the student body which knows of and maintains a list of rooms available around the university.

You can also read about the different accommodation options for international students living in Poland here:

Food Expenses

Food Expenses in Poland

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Food expenses are significantly less in Poland, and hence they also contribute significantly to lowering the overall cost of living in Poland. However, food expenses depend on what you choose to eat. You will surely find Indian and other Asian restaurants in Poland, however, the prices will be really high since procuring the raw material for Indian/Asian food is really tough and comes at a premium. If you are a meat eater, you will have a heyday in Poland throughout your stay given that meat and meat products come at dirt cheap prices.

Polish cuisines are more affordable for obvious reasons. Meat lovers can enjoy the range of Polish sausages and others can enjoy the hearty vegetable soups and bread. Of course, you can choose to cook your own meals if you want to manage your finances better and reduce your cost of living in Poland further. In general, the estimated cost of food in Poland will range anywhere between 350 PLN – 700 PLN.

Listed below are some of the basic groceries items along with their cost in Poland:

Commuting Expenses

Students planning to stay off-campus, need to calculate the travel expenses in order to commute from their residency to the university. The mode of transportation, distance travelled, and the number of days you travel determine your overall commuting expense and can form a significant part of your cost of living in Poland.

You can either choose a bus service or railway service depending on the availability. While a bus ticket may cost you anywhere between 3.4 to 15 PLN, a monthly pass will cost you around 100 PLN.

Healthcare Cost

If you want to study in Poland, you will need a health insurance too. You can apply for health insurance at the Polish National Healthcare Fund. The insurance cost ranges from 36 PLN to 279 PLN monthly, depending on a number of medical procedures included. Alternatively, your university will also have the provision for a healthcare insurance and you can take that too.

Please note that it is mandatory to have a healthcare insurance if you are taking up a degree program in any of the Polish universities. Hence, not including the cost for one in your overall cost of living in Poland will be a major error.

Other Expenses

Other expenses include

Healthcare Cost

The weather in Poland changes every month, but it is generally cold. The winters are quite chilly with the temperature falling below -1°C sometimes. Not having the right clothes will mean that you will have to spend the winter quivering or invest in purchases there which will be an unnecessary expense for you and add majorly to your cost of living. Hence, be smart and purchase winter clothing in your native country only.


The estimated cost that an international student would spend on books and other study materials while studying in Poland is 100 PLN. However, there are options whereby you can loan books at a meagre sum or simply download the pdf versions or read them online- that would save your cost significantly.


In case you decide to spend some money on entertainment such as a movie in Poland, the cost of a cinema ticket is around 18-35 PLN.


For an international student miles away from their family, having internet access is as important as their daily bread. The estimated cost for monthly internet access is 30-60 PLN.

Some students may even invest in a new mobile phone for getting provisional settings and applications.

How can you save?

Here are some tips on how you can limit your spending :


The following is the estimated cost of living in Poland for international students; however, this may vary depending on your location, graduate program, lifestyle and more.

All factors that contribute to the overall living expenses for international students are covered in this article. We hope that these details give you a fair idea in estimating the cost of living in Poland.

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