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MS in Poland

My MS in Poland journey

I wanted to do my MS in Germany but due to low score I have decided to do MS in Poland. Doing Ms in Poland is not so bad option, Poland has some very good Universities.Deciding which University in Poland is also a tough Job.Now that I have got my admission for Ms in Poland I feel choosing was a good idea for masters.

My introduction

Name – Aparna Gupta
SSLC – 75%
PUC – 65%
BE in CS – 65 %
Aim – Wanted to do MS in Germany

It all started on a Sunday evening when we ( me and my favorite stupid friends) were talking in our balcony regarding our future where will we be?? how will our lives be?? then we found out that we all were moving in different direction we were drifting apart, my other two friends had planned for MS in Germany, it’s still a horror to me that I will be missing my childhood friends.

Then I thought about my life, it was a big question ??, and I was scared to answer it. I also wanted to do MS in Germany, the only problem I had, was my score(As you can see above) it wasn’t just enough for me to get into some top German University. I would have gotten some course in Some unknown university in Germany, I didn’t want that, I wanted to do my MS in some good University I searched and searched for better Universities in Germany which will accept my score but found none. It was so disappointing.

I though every country has its best college so by doing Masters there, it will give me the same exposure as some very good Universities in Germany. Since I am from a middle class my budget was limited so I left hope of Ms in US and MS in Canada in the beginning only, then I searched for affordable country where I can finish my Masters, I found that Poland was right there next to Germany and it was affordable. I know About MS in Germany group and requested them for help for Ms in Poland by that time they were just starting with Poland and took me as a test subject (it’s kind of scary, believing people with no prior experience in field), there were some problems initially , but all went fine.
By then there was no website 
MS in Poland but now there is.

My reasons for doing MS in Poland were

  1. It was a EU nation, and education will be of EU standards, and it is next to Germany.
  2. Cost of living was cheap just like India.
  3. IELTS is not required.
  4. There are some really good Universities such as Warsaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, which will give me international exposure.
  5. Since Poland is EU country after finishing my degree I will find some job in some EU countries itself, Degrees from EU country universities are accepted in all EU nations.

So here starts my Ms In Poland Journey

Firstly I searched for good universities for CS program ( Ms In Poland University list).
Got some really good Universities such as WUT, Wraclow, AGH.. Etc ( Quora link )
Doing MS in Warsaw University of technology Seemed reasonable since that is really good University in Poland. I did’t want to rely on only WUT, so wanted to apply for Wroclaw also.
I didn’t know the procedure for applying for Poland university, I didn’t want to waste my money on consultancies, so I searched online for information on Internet.

These are  the websites that you can refer for MS in Poland ( by then some of the websites were not there You can imagine the difficulty level)

  1. For university list.
  2. For information regarding Universities.
  3. For complete application process.
  4. I got stuck with the Apostille process, in beginning I had no idea about Apostille and it was Mandatory for all universities in Poland. Do this step as soon as possible really!! it’s a big headache by then even MS in Poland Team  had little idea. I will be writing separate blog About Apostille. It’s a big story!!
  5. Do not go in a directionless (as I did ) manner, I suggest make a timeline and go accordingly your MS in Poland application will be smooth as Ice.

Then I applied for Shortlisted universities for WUT application starts in April so i applied as soon as the portal opened this helped me  to get shortlisted sooner, then all the other process went on smoothly.

During my application process to MS in Poland for WUT, I faced another problem to transfer the money to Poland university, I was in confusion on where to transfer and how to transfer. then I found out that it will take 2-3 days for transferring the money internationally since you cannot pay via PAYPAL . You have to deposit to university bank account. I took help of MS in Poland for transferring money (they had experience in this) and got Payment confirmation. I applied for both WUT and Wroclaw.

After waiting for month I got a Mail from WUT and I got admission to WUT. That was the happiest day of my life because I did it on my own. It was a satisfaction filled with joy. I never consulted any Consultancies but referred some websites these gave me detailed information on MS in Poland.

Post Admission

Getting admission is one thing But the real magic begins after getting admission because there is this huge pile of things you need to do to get your VISA. It’s really hard to find details but thanks to Internet,  gave me some insights about the what to do after getting admission.
These are the documents that I arranged for VISA 

  1. Health insurance ( Ms in Poland helped me to choose the type of health insurance I want , it seems they have collaboration with TATA I got it very quickly.)
  2. Education Loan ( do a through research on this then proceed ahead. I chose SBI loan, You can find your ideal bank)
  3. I booked my flight in Qatar There was an offer going on at that time I got Extra Luggage of 23 kg offer, Which was nice since I had a lot of things to carry.
  4. After getting all the documents I scheduled document verification on e-Konsulate. I got to know one thing about e- konsulate is that the vacancies are announced on 10th and 30th of every month,and you have high chance of scheduling if you try on Monday and Tuesday.( Get more info here.)

I will be writing again regarding the visa interview in another blog, I also will write about the interview and share it here.
As per what I have experience everything went smooth with interview after 10 Days I got the VISA confirmation from konsulate.

These are the websites that you can refer for VISA and will be helpful to you guys!!

  1. For visa procedure
  2. For Interview questions
  3. Poland embassy in Mumbai
  4. e- konsulate
  5. Photo specification

Currently I am in Poland in Warsaw studying Computer Science I went through Temporary residence registration also, I will be writing Blog about that as well.
Though I wanted to do MS in Germany but ended up doing MS in Poland, its okay I am happy with what I have got.

Thanks everyone who has helped me directly and indirectly for MS in Poland if you are reading this assume I am really grateful to you guys!!!!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

— Confucius

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