Visa Interview Experience

Ajay Thirumale



Wroclaw University

Doing masters in other country is challenging, I made up my mind to do MS in Poland.There is so much of work we need to do for masters in Poland. From choosing your University in Poland to getting VISA. Ms in Poland wasn’t a easy task. I want to share my Poland VISA experience.I have explained Visa procedure for Poland.

My introduction

Name – Ajay Thirumale
SSLC – 80%
PUC – 81%
BBA – 68%
Aim –  To be kind and humble to mankind.

I got my admission from Wroclaw university of Economics  on 15th may 2017.As soon as got the admission I applied for all the things that are necessary for VISA

  1. Education loan
  2. Health insurance
  3. Flight ticket booking
  4. Booked my hostel in University
  5. Prepared for interview

I Scheduled my interview for 20-08-2017 10:00 am, Booking a VISA slot is hard you have to always keep on trying. Try on Mondays and Tuesdays. Normally on 10th and 30th vacant seats are released so I tried very hard to get it Scheduled.

On the day of the interview 

I took all my original documents and got photocopies of each document. Took print out of scheduled slot, without it they will not let you in.

I went to Mumbai one day before my interview date, I did not want to mess up my interview, I went there and and stayed near Nariman Point ( Visa consulate Location) reminded me the terrorist attack  that happened here. I had booked early morning so that my VISA interview gets over early because many people wont turn up in early morning. So I got up early and Prepared my self for the interview and left the hotel.

Step 1)
Went to Abu dubai bank and deposited 4400 rs in name of Consulate general Poland and Got the payment receipt.

Step 2)
Went to VISA consulate and showed my Schedule confirmation printout this is the first gate you must have the confirmation print out.Then I Finished the security check.

Step 3)
Security scanning – they scanned  my finger prints and retina, Then they moved us to token counter where the tokens are given. When my turn came up I went to the counter and submitted my documents she verified them with the original and took the photocopies only and took my Passport.

Step 4)
I went into a VISA interview, He asked me some basic questions and moved on to real deal, below is the conversation between me and him.

Him – Why did you choose Wroclaw University of Economics?
Me – My College study was in Business management and I see myself leading a company in future I have some basic ideas regarding starting and managing a company. I want to have a international exposure and meet like minded people from other countries know their perspective in the field that I am interested. So I have researched about Wroclaw its a good University which receives International students every year through that I will build my network.

Him – who is sponsoring your expense?
Me – I have taken Education loan of amount 15,000 euros that will be sufficient for me to survive in Poland till my education is finished.

Him –  What are your plans after finishing your studies?
Me – Wroclaw is a very reputed University after I finish my MBA, I will have that credibility to start my own business, I will come back to India and start my own business. My whole family is here I have to come back for them at least.

Him – Where will you stay in Poland?
Me – I have a Applied for hostel in University itself I have paid all the required fees to them if you want I can show you the confirmation I received from them.

Him – Do you have any relative there?
Me – Nope.

He kept my documents with him and nodded, I stood up and shook his hand and came home.
Over all it was new experience but I was little bit nervous about it, I came home slept whole day.

After like 10 days I received my confirmation letter, My VISA application was approved. I really felt happy after all that struggle, my MS in Poland started.

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