Travel Facility for Students In Poland

Having a knowledge about the travel facilities before you visit a place, gives you confidence to explore new places. Being a student and being strict on budget, you really can’t afford to spend much on travelling. However, in Poland there are many ways to travel from place to place, Lets check out some transportation facilities in your budget to go out without any hesitation.

Need To Know!



Types of Railway

  1. ExpressInterCity Premium (EIP): This is high-speed 'Pendolino' trains that transit between major cities(Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław and Gdańsk). You will get both 1st and 2nd-class seats are available, and reservations are mandatory for both.

  2. ExpressInterCity (EIC): This is the most comfortable and less expensive trains which run between major cities (Warsaw–Kraków and Warsaw–Gdańsk). There's seating in both 1st and 2nd class, and reservations are complusory in both.

  3. TLK (Pociąg Twoje Linie Kolejowe; TLK): It is the Low-cost express trains which fare that are around 40% cheaper than other trains. It runs between major cities at speeds approaching EIP trains. this can be step down in comfort and can be crowded.

  4. InterRegio: These are the standard fast trains running between regions, this trains normally don’t offer 1st-class seating, and no seat reservations are required.

  5. Regio: These trains are much slower as they stop at all stations. These may be 2nd-class only and reservations are not required.


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